Longmeadow expanding public smoking ban

Smoking now prohibited within 20 feet of town buildings

Longmeadow Town Offices. WWLP File Image

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – Longmeadow’s tough anti-smoking rules just became tougher.

The Longmeadow Board of Health doesn’t just merely ban smoking in all town buildings; its new regulations prohibit smoking within 20 feet of municipal buildings including Town Hall, the Storrs Library, and the Greenwood Adult Center.

The expanded boundaries seem to make all the difference for Kathy Grady of the Greenwood Adult Center.

“The extra 20 feet is so important for people who can’t be exposed to smoke, because to walk out the door of a building that bans smoking, all the smokers are right there and you have to go through that gauntlet,” Grady said.

The Board of Health has also taking action to stop town employees from smoking in cars that are owned or leased by the Town of Longmeadow.

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