What protections you have when making holiday gift returns

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Now that all the Christmas gifts have been opened, many people are now heading to the stores to return or exchange some of those gifts.

Each store has their own, unique return policy, but having a receipt will help make the return process easier. Make sure you pay attention to the receipts return deadline. Another way to keep the return process smooth to make sure you keep the items in their original packaging, and that all parts are including.

Some shoppers told 22News regardless of a store’s policy, they say a gift is meant to be kept. “I think it’s tacky to return gifts. I don’t know, I think if someone took the time to buy you something you should appreciate it, unless it’s the completely wrong size or completely off,” Daniel Laflamme, from Northampton, said.

Massachusetts state law says that return policy restrictions don’t apply if the item you bought can not be used as it was intended, or is defective. In that case the store is required to give you a choice of a refund, repair or replacement.

State law also says stores may have any policy they like including “all sales are final” or “full refunds only after 30 days of sale date”, but the store must make their return policy known to you before you make your purchase.

Many stores do that with a sign at check-out.

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