“Wardrobing” customers return temporary outfits

Friday brought out customers with returns and gift cards

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Friday was a busy day at malls across the nation for those who were looking to spend some new gift cards, and return the gifts they didn’t want.

Some people returned clothes they bought, and had no intention of keeping them. It’s called “wardrobing” – when you buy an item to wear for an occasion, and then return it after.

Will Brideau, the owner of Jackson and Connor in Northampton, doesn’t worry about losing money from returns because of their company policy. He told 22News, “We offer exchanges and store credits to use later. So whatever you get from here, you get to use the value later. But we don’t really offer cash back on cards or that sort of thing, so usually when people buy something from us, they’re gonna coma back and get something else.”

Brideau said there were twice as many people there today than there were the day after Christmas last year.

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