“The Interview” a Christmas hit for Sony Pictures

The satire opened Thursday

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

(CNN) – Thousands of moviegoers spent their Christmas lining up at theaters across the u-s to see “The Interview”. The satire opened Thursday at more than 300 theaters, one day after premiering digitally.

Sony pictures’ controversial comedy – “The interview” pulled in more than one million dollars at the box office Christmas Day, and it could make millions more through the weekend.

Sony is now responding in a statement, quote, the audience reaction was fantastic. Despite a threat from hackers promising a “Christmas gift” if the film was released, the only gift that showed up on Christmas day, lots of moviegoers, lining up at 331 theaters across the country.

“At first I was frankly intimidated, then I was embarrassed I found myself intimidated so i thought, now I’ve got to man up and do this silly thing of stand in a line.”

The movie, about an assassination plot against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was also streamed online.

Sony won’t give out numbers, but the film was the number one streamed video on YouTube and Google play on Christmas day, but Sony didn’t escape the holiday unscathed.

Its gaming division, Playstation networks, crashed. A hacker group known as lizard squad claimed responsibility, saying it also took down Microsoft’s x-box on the busiest gaming day of the year.

David Kennedy, information security expert, said, “This attack is really difficult to protect against because it floods the infrastructure with a lot of information that it wasn’t intending on receiving and it causes the services to shut down.”

There’s no indication the gaming disruption is connected to the massive hack on Sony pictures that’s been linked by U.S. officials to North Korea. “Hackers have the edge. I mean, hackers are much better at attacking then we are at defending right now,” said Kennedy.

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