Residents are tired of the baby Jesus dolls being stolen

Dolls have been stolen in Palmer, Easthampton, Chicopee, and Greenfield

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – There have been at least two instances of baby Jesus dolls being stolen from Massachusetts nativity scenes.

An imported $3-thousand baby Jesus statue disappeared from the Creche on the Greenfield Town Common on Christmas Eve.

Allison Walters of Chicopee said, “Kids are kids and they’re going to do definite things like that but when push comes to shove, I like to believe in the good in people.”

However, many residents question if it really is just “kids being kids.” In Haverhill, a baby Jesus statue was stolen and replaced with a severed pigs head at Sacred Hearts Parish Christmas morning.

“A prank is a prank, but to go that far, to do what they did? It’s just not right. Not this time of the year. It’s just not right,” Derrick Brenner of East Longmeadow said.

In 2009, a baby Jesus statue was stolen from a Palmer nativity scene. A year later in Easthampton, someone stole an entire manger from the Easthampton Congregational Church.

Luis Colon of Springfield said, “They don’t want to believe in the freedom of religion. That’s what it is. We can give anybody their freedom of religion, but we have ours also.”

It’s not just recently, Jesus doll thefts have been going on for decades in western Massachusetts. Someone stole the baby Jesus doll in downtown Palmer back in 1998; a similar situation at the Bouchard family home in Chicopee in 1996; and in Greenfield, baby Jesus was taken in 1995, but   ultimately returned, something residents are hopeful for.

A neighbor replaced the baby Jesus with one from her own. If you have any information about the theft of the Greenfield baby Jesus doll, contact the Greenfield Police at 413-773-5411.

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