Police taking every threat serious after NY killings

Most of the threats have been found on social media

NEW YORK (WPIX) – As heavily-armed police stand guard at two Brooklyn Police Precincts, the city has served notice that it is taking any threat against the NYPD seriously.

Since the assassination of Officers Rafael Ramos and Weijian Liu, six people have been arrested for a variety of threats. They were weeded from some 40 threats police found of concern, most of them appearing on social media pages like Facebook, talking about killing cops.

Police found weapons and bullet-proof vests in the home of a Queens man who they tracked down after a good samaritan overheard him talking on a cell phone about killing cops.

The 79th and 81st Precincts were on alert after a warning was posted on Twitter; a warning that members of a prison based Baltimore black guerilla family planned to storm the buildings and shoot it out with police.

Officials felt enough concern that the fire department moved an entire engine company from an adjacent fire house.

Community activists who had called for demonstrations before the killings, to protest the deaths by cops of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, consider the threats disturbing.

One person said, “I appeal to them that this is not what Islam Ishmael and many respectable leadership wants. We don’t want that. I heard it, too, and I seen it on the internet and all that kind of stuff. This is not the way to go.”

Mayor De Blasio issued a statement saying: “Cowardly threats of violence against the men and women of our police force will not be tolerated.”

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