Latest development in cop shooting includes video

18-year old Antonio Martin was shot and killed by a police officer

Protesters gather around a gas station in Berkeley, Missouri, where 18-year-old Antonio Martin was killed by a police officer. Martin was armed, and reportedly pointed his gun at the officer before being shot. (Courtesy CNN)

(CNN) – Another shooting death involving a black teenager and a white police officer near Ferguson sparked new protests, putting the city of Berkeley on edge. But this time there is video surveillance of the deadly confrontation.

Heated protests set off after 18 year old Antonio Martin was shot and killed by a police officer in Berkeley, Missouri.  Online, conspiracy theories ran amuck. People feared, this could light the fuse for another Ferguson.

Berkeley mayor Theodore Hoskins said, “When I got there, we were all saying the same thing. Here’s a white policeman killing a black young man. So when does this stop? And I can assure you that did not happen.”

Hoskins insists this case is very different, because this time there is visual proof, clearly showing his officer fired in self-defense when confronted, by an armed teen. Specifically, three surveillance views from the gas station, which investigators released to show exactly what happened.

In one view you see two men in the parking lot, face to face with the officer who responded to a report of shoplifting. Look closer, and one of the men raises his arm, pointing what authorities say is a gun directly at the officer. Another angle shows much more.

Presumably after the officer fires his weapon, he falls backward, as if retreating. Then he quickly gets back on his feet.

Despite this video proof the mayor knows some skepticism will remain in this community, just a few miles from the place that sparked tremendous national controversy.

Hoskins said, “When it comes to a policeman that’s doing the right thing and protecting himself, I’m going to support that. And it doesn’t matter if he’s black or white.”

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