Baby Jesus statue replaced with severed pigs head

A plastic bag replaced the pig head Christmas night

HAVERHILL, Mass. (WWLP) – An act of vandalism shocked the town of Haverhill Christmas morning when they discovered a baby Jesus statue was replaced with a pig’s head.

Police say someone stole the baby Jesus from the nativity scene in front of the Sacred Hearts Parish early Christmas morning, on a busy, well lit street. The severed pig’s head was still there as the church filled to capacity for the 7:30 Mass.

A disturbing crime that left many residents like Bill LaPierre wondering why someone do such a thing. “What is this world coming to? Just the craziness that’s happening every day,” he said.

Haverhill resident Leo Byron couldn’t fathom what type of person would commit such a disturbing crime. “Truthfully, I really feel sorry for anyone who has done this,” he said.

Other residents, like Bernie Clohisy, were too busy enjoying the holiday to notice the crime. “Most of us didn’t notice it we were just busy greeting each other and getting ready for Christmas morning mass,” he said.

A plastic bag was left in place of the severed pigs head for the rest of Christmas Day. On Friday morning, a Haverhill resident put a new baby Jesus statue in it’s place.

Police say the pig’s head appeared to have been recently severed and they’re asking local butcher shops and pig farms for help in finding who’s responsible. That person could face animal cruelty charges.

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