Hackers claim attacks on Xbox Live and Playstation

Both networks are working to fix the problem

Copyright 2013, The Associated Press

NEW YORK (CNN/WWLP) – It’s not a Merry Christmas for users of Xbox Live and Sony’s Playstation Network. Both gaming networks experienced widespread problems Thursday.

Sony and Microsoft acknowledged technical problems that prevented users access to their online networks, and are working to fix the issue, but did not say what’s causing it. The problem may also be enhanced by video gamers using new systems and games this holiday.

A hacker group calling itself “Lizard Squad” claimed responsibility for blocking access to Playstation and Xbox Live. The group tweeted that it shut down both networks by overwhelming company servers with fake user traffic.

Sony Pictures has been in the news recently after hackers stole internal documents and emails from Sony. The U.S. said North Korea was behind the hack because of the movie “The Interview.” In the movie, Seth Rogen and James Franco play journalists tasked by the CIA with killing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“The Interview” was released in select theaters and streaming websites, including Xbox and Sony, on December 25th.

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