Tips for healthy holiday entertaining

Throw a holiday party with a ton of flavor and not all of the fat

(CNN) – If you’re entertaining this holiday season and don’t want to pack on the pounds, why not serve healthy dishes to your guests?

Holiday time means fun and food, so this year, throw a holiday party with a ton of flavor and not all of the fat.

South Africa restaurateur Justin Anthony has tips on how to make healthier dishes.

“There are a lot of things that people can do that they don’t realize, like instead of cooking in butter, you can cook in olive oil.”

Take a button mushroom dish. Anthony says, “Grill the mushrooms with some olive oil, with some lemon, and some garlic, and there we go. Easy, simple, tasty and people wouldn’t know the difference.”

Justin often turns to spices to keep dishes healthy. Instead of using butter and salt on his rice, he throws in a little turmeric.

Also, if you are using a store-bought sauce, look at what’s in it.
He says, “What are those ingredients on the back, how high is the sodium?”

And why not spice up the chicken, our old stand-by? Justin suggests trying curry and a few other healthy ingredients. “It’s got bananas in it, it’s got apricot chutney, which is very healthy, we use the breast for the chicken, so it’s lean.”

All good suggestions for a healthy, fun holiday.

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