Natural gas prices dropping with mild temperatures

Natural gas generates 26% of U.S. electricity

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It’s costing you less to heat your home this December.

Natural gas prices are at the lowest they’ve been in nearly two years. Due to a relatively warm December, natural gas prices are down 30 percent from a much colder November. The price Tuesday was $3.15 per 1,000 cubic feet, down from $4.50 last month.

People who heat with gas told 22News they’re really noticing the savings. Anthony Rivera of Springfield said, “It helps me a lot, especially this Christmas. I pay with a contract. They make contracts with the people to make it a more easy payment. There’s a lot of help in here in Springfield.”

Natural gas is used to heat about half of all homes across the country. It also generates 26 percent of the nation’s electricity.

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