Deliveryman leaves packages with waiting thief

Hall says his wife was at home when all this happened

(CNN) – From Tacoma to Everett, we’ve seen criminals grab packages right off of porches, but one crook in King County may have topped them all. He met the delivery driver, face-to-face.

This homeowner says it was bad enough that the boxes were taken from his porch. It’s the interaction between the driver and the thief he says is really disappointing.

Troy Hall says he was expecting some Christmas gifts to be delivered last week. When they didn’t arrive as scheduled, he checked his surveillance system. That’s when he saw a man walking down his driveway right before a UPS truck pulls up.

Hall says, “It’s disturbing, because he seems to know where the cameras are, he’s hiding his face.”

He spends several minutes on Hall’s porch, waiting for the driver. It’s what happened next that shocked Hall. The driver talks to the thief.

Hall knows it’s hard to hear the conversation, but he’s replayed the video several times. “I think exactly what he says is would it be safe here? And the thief says, ‘yes sir’.”

So the driver leaves the packages. A few minutes later, the crook takes off with them. Hall says his wife was at home when all this happened.

Hall says, “I wish the driver had rung the doorbell or knocked on the door or something, instead of taking this stranger’s word for it that no one was home.”

He called UPS to complain. Hall says he got this response. “The driver was basically following their company policy. Which I don’t think, it seems odd that that would be true.”

He knows drivers have a lot of deliveries to make this time of year, but he thinks this driver should have used better judgment.

“If I were in that position, I would have done something different. I think I would have left a note, or come back later. Something different than slide it next to the person who’s looking suspicious.”

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