Airport gun scare ahead of holiday travel rush

Authorities say air travel is still very safe

(CNN) – A travel security scare during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. Several men are under arrest accused of smuggling guns, some of them loaded, on a flight leaving Atlanta en route to New York City.

Airport security is already a tedious process; now there are concerns that all that hassle still has dangerous flaws.

Two men are accused of conspiring to smuggle as many as 153 guns and ammunition onto nearly 20 flights that took off at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson international airport and landed at JFK in New York.

Traveler Adam Rankin “I mean, it really makes you wonder how safe it is to travel.”

Eugene Harvey allegedly used his security clearance as a ramp agent for Delta, to bypass security to get the guns to a former Delta employee, Mark Quentin Henry, in a restroom, who then carried them on board, to New York.

Harvey was arrested on Saturday. Henry was arrested on December 10th after landing at JFK. He had 18 guns in his carry-on bag, and seven of them were loaded. Both are being represented by the Federal Public Defender’s office, which has not commented.

The Brooklyn D.A. said the investigation was part of a larger effort to get illegal guns off the streets. Kenneth Thompson, Kings County, NY D.A. said, “We were determined to get to the source of these guns. And that led us down to Georgia.”

Authorities assured travelers that, despite the headlines, air travel remains very safe.

The Brooklyn D.A. said this is just the beginning of the case; a total of 5 people have been arrested in connection to the smuggling ring. Delta is cooperating with the investigation.

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