Hanukkah road race at the Jewish Community Center

LONGMEADOW, Mass (WWLP) — Springfield’s Jewish Community Center celebrated the sixth night of Hanukkah with a road race.

The Jewish Community Center in Longmeadow is where the 23rd annual Hanukkah Road race kicked off at 9:30 Sunday morning. This is just one of the events the JCC is holding to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah.

Around the holidays, we hear a lot about Christmas celebrations, which is exactly what inspired the race director to start this annual Hanukkah tradition.

Race director, Seth Roberts told 22News, “Hanukkah is a holiday just like Christmas, and as much as you can have a Christmas run or jingle Bell run you can have a Hanukkah run. there’s probably a couple dozen throughout the United States, so we decided to do Hanukkah run.”

Up to 100 Participants ran the 5 mile course that starts at the JCC on Dickinson Street and goes through Springfield and Longmeadow.

The race director wants residents to know everyone is well, regardless of which holiday you celebrate.

Money spent on registering for the run went towards programs held at the JCC.

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