Holyoke gas stations drawing crowds to the pump

Two stations are charging $2.34/gallon for regular

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Lower gas prices in Holyoke have caught the attention of drivers in neighboring western Massachusetts communities. Many of the customers at two Holyoke service stations Sunday came from out of town.

With A&A gas and Racing Mart charging the identical price of $2.34 for a gallon of regular, it’s not surprising they’re attracting a clientele that appreciates paying a lower price, especially during the Christmas shopping season.

Aaron Bagg of Amherst said, “Spend a little on Christmas gifts. Right now I’m living with my girlfriend in Connecticut; I drive 1500 miles a week, so it’s saving me quite a bit of money. It’s helping me out on everything.”

Marie Cheney of Westfield actively looks for the lowest priced gas, which has made her a regular customer at the Holyoke service stations, which have been charging the least amount of money. She said, “I like to save a little money on gas when I pass a station that has a great price. Then I stop. I’m in Holyoke for a class Sunday, so I usually stop here.”

When gas prices started their downward curve several months ago, Matt Page of Easthampton wasn’t sure it would last. Now he’s a believer that the lower prices are anything but short term. He said, “Last year it wasn’t possible. This year’s definitely different, with the prices going down, they seem like they keep going down, this is the trend you know.”

That pain at the pump we all felt when the price of regular hovered around four dollars a gallon doesn’t hurt quite as much these days. Industry experts have predicted we’ll enjoy a few more months of lower gas prices.

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