Defector plans to launch “Interview” copies into North Korea

The U.S. has few options in dealing with North Korea

Photo Courtesy: CNN

SEOUL (CNN) – Under the North Korean regime, news from the outside world rarely reaches the average person. One North Korean defector is trying to change this, using a simple but ingenious technique.

Americans won’t see ‘The Interview’ in theaters, but Park Sang Hak pledges North Korean will.

This plastic bag is packed with western news clips about North Korea’s brutal atrocities from labor camps to attacks on South Korea, and music videos of how the west views the regime.

For years, Park a North Korean defector, has launched the bags across the border. These giant balloons drop the bags into North Korea with the hope of reaching the average citizen, and when it does, it challenges the sole image North Koreans have of the regime.

This is all North Koreans see their entire life. Only one state controlled television station exists in North Korea. Kim Jong Un is god. His citizens expected to worship, devout and loyal to a frenzy, or pay the price of betrayal.

“The Interview” shatters the revered image of the regime, says Park. A silly comedy to the west, a powerful tool for this defector. He waits and hopes Sony releases on DVD. It’s deeply personal. 20 years ago he read a South Korean leaflet and he realized he needed to flee North Korea.

(Kyung Lah, reporter) is this how you see the regime crumbling?
(Park Sang Hak, North Korean defector) “Single”

“This will change how North Koreans think,” says Park. “When you know the truth, it will bring change. We want North Koreans to gain freedom and topple the regime.”

(Park Sang Hak, North Korean defector) “Sony Pictures”

Sony pictures caved to North Korea believes park. A regime so dangerous that two bodyguards, who asked to not be identified for safety reasons, travel with him. North Korean spies have attempted to murder Park.

Already heavily sanctioned and isolated the U.S. has few options in dealing with North Korea, but Park believes he can get even. Put the very movie the regime tried so hard to block, right in their own backyard.

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