Tips on how to avoid holiday stress

Try to maintain a regular schedule

(CNN) – Traveling plus shopping plus holiday get-togethers; add it all together and it can equal one word: stress! There are gifts to buy, cookies to bake, decorating to be done and then there’s the stress of it all.

Certified wellness coach Julie Schwartz says, “Most of the stressors that we see during the holidays are people getting really excited and over-committing themselves.”

That could be with money or your time juggling the job and fighting mall traffic. But there are things you can do to make your holidays bright and merry. Schwartz says, “One is to manage expectations. We tend to go in, expecting it to be this great, joyous occasion and it is, but at the same time, there’s also some disappointment there if you think it’s all gonna be just wonderful and joyous.”

Also, try to stick to what you usually do. Schwartz says, “Eat on a normal schedule, go to sleep on a normal schedule, and try to manage that sleep routine. Pre-sleep routine, so that you’re sleeping more restfully.” That goes for the gym, too. Don’t skip workouts, work that stress off!

Finally, Schwartz says, “It’s really about prioritizing what’s special about the season, and making sure that that fits into your day and then there’s a lot of things that we just do, some of them if they don’t get done, nobody’s gonna even notice they’re missing.”

All good tips to help you relax and enjoy the season.

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