Mountain resorts ready for holidays

(KCRA) A recent dusting of snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains has tourists dreaming of a white Christmas, and resort, hotel and restaurant operators seeing green.

Many believe this will be their most profitable holiday season in years.

“Almost completely booked. Especially the 26th through the 31st,” says Bill Haley, property manager for both the Truckee Hotel and Hampton Inn in Truckee. “They do have a few rooms available but most likely be booked by the end of the weekend.”

In most places, there are still rooms available for Christmas, but the News Year’s holiday is more booked.

The crowds are expected to be huge to bars and restaurants like the Taco Bistro.

“I would say we are probably going see a good 20 to 25 percent increase over last year,” says Taco Bistro owner Kevin Sloane.


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