Accused child sex abuser confronted in court

Rick Cedeno says he was there as a voice for the alleged victims

(KSNV) – A man confronted the suspect in a heinous case of sexual abuse of children in a Las Vegas court Thursday before being escorted out.

Christopher Sena, 48, faces 58 charges related to child pornography, sexual assault and incest.

Rick Cedeno shouted epithets at Sena before court officers removed him.

“I was full of rage and anger at that point,” Cedeno said afterward.

He says he was there as a voice for Sena’s alleged victims.

Sena’s wife, Deborah, and his ex-wife, Terrie, who worked as a substitute teacher for the Clark County School District, also face a combined 27 charges. The three also are accused of raping their own children.

Prosecutors say there are six known victims, with a seventh possibly coming forward.

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