What’s next for the U.S.-Cuba relations?

Legal tourism to Cuba has American companies excited

Cuba: What's Next?
How quickly will President Obama's proposed changes to U.S.-Cuba relations take place?

HAVANA, Cuba (NBC News) – In Cuba, poor and underdeveloped after 50 years of communism and U.S. sanctions, word of the diplomatic breakthrough with the United States is raising hope.

“It is great news for the end of the year, the country’s economy is going to grow, relations are going to improve,” says Havana resident Padre Perez.

The prospect of legal tourism to Cuba has American companies excited, but a former U.S. Commerce Secretary is warning them not to “plunk down” money.

“The idea that they’re going to turn over control to U.S. companies, and they’re going to open things up, I am very skeptical,” says Carlos Gutierrez.

U.S. companies cannot invest and U.S. tourists can’t go to Cuba until congress lifts the embargo, and Republicans opposed to normalizing relations say that won’t happen.

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