Socializing important part of cancer treatment

Program helps cancer patients feel better by being together

(CNN) – Even under the best of circumstances, we all need people in our lives who can offer us support. According to several recent studies, socializing after receiving a cancer diagnosis can actually improve quality of life during and after treatment.

When patients are diagnosed with cancer, it’s important for them to not stay at home and just retreat. Experts say they need to take care of themselves, become educated and become empowered in what’s going to be an uphill battle.

“When somebody is diagnosed with cancer, they usually will report that they feel very isolated, they feel very alone.”

That’s why resources like Cancer Support Community Atlanta are so vital.

“We have support groups, education programs, we have gentle exercise classes, nutrition classes, and then social activities.”

One such event brought together a group of cancer survivors to taste different types of coffee.

“Really, the coffee tasting is secondary to the opportunity that we gave them, which is just to get together in the same room with a bunch of other people who understand what they’re going through.”

“Having the uplifting experiences that I have here has helped me with my attitude, and um, to be positive, and that’s what’s helped, I feel like.”

“I know it has to boost the immune system because you know, I always feel better.”

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