Meteorlogist shot outside TV station

Meteorlogist Shot Outside TV Station
KCEN meteorologist Patrick Crawford is recovering after being shot several times in the station parking lot Wednesday.

EDDY, Texas (KCEN) The search continues for the man who shot KCEN Meteorologist Patrick Crawford.

Crawford was shot multiple times in the parking lot of the Eddy, Texas KCEN studios Wednesday morning. He remains in the hospital in stable condition.

The lead investigator with the Texas Rangers says they have little go on as they search for the gunman.

Crawford was shot in the stomach, the shoulder and a bullet grazed his head. Investigators say he managed to get in his car and speed off as the man continued shooting at him.

He crashed his car near some construction workers along I-35 who pulled him out of the car to help him. Investigators say his ability to get in his car and drive off likely saved his life.

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