Caught on Camera: Heart-stopping shoplifters

A Barbie car was one of the items stolen

(CNN) – Two Florida men may be charged with grand larceny, but you can’t deny they put a lot of heart into getting Christmas presents.

Police say that the heart of this shoplifting scam was a fake heart attack. Tarus Scott in the red hat and vest enters a Florida Wal-Mart with his buddy Genard Dupree in the light sweatshirt.

The two start loading stuff in a cart. “They were going to steal Christmas presents and one of them was a Barbie car.” As well as a Barbie glam vacation house.

Well they go towards the door, separately. And that’s where Dupree gently gets down on the floor. “He didn’t really do a good job of faking the heart attack.”

He clutches his chest. Eventually the shopper in the white jacket notices and starts to look for help. Meanwhile Scott, with the loaded cart, slips out the door, and as soon as the cart clears the store, Dupree recovers. “Miracles occur around Christmas. His heart was all better and he strolled out.”

The two meet in the parking lot and take off. “Their getaway car was not the pink Barbie car?” “It was not the pink Barbie car. I mean that was not very manly-manly.”

The fake heart attack caused Wal-Mart to examine their security cam video. They discovered the theft, and the sheriff’s department had no trouble identifying the suspects since both had long arrest records.

Scott had recently been released from prison after serving 10 years for armed robbery. “So guess what. We wish them a Merry Christmas from our county jail.”

But dropping from fake cardiac arrest ended up getting them arrested.

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