Caught on Camera: Accidental Shooting

Caught On Cam: Accidental Shooting
Albuquerque police officer's lapel camera captures accidental firearm discharge and its aftermath.

(KOB) – An Albuquerque, New Mexico woman’s home turned into a nightmare Sunday when a bullet came through the floor above, hitting her brother. The gunshot came from an Albuquerque police officer. The department calls the shooting an accident.

Alicia Armendariz says her brother, Ramiro Armendariz, was visiting her when he got shot. He was severely wounded, but expected to survive.

The officer that fired the shot was attempting to search the upstairs apartment after making a burglary arrest. Investigators said the officer was climbing through a broken window when the shooting happened.

“You’re making entry into an apartment when you don’t know who is on the other side. That officer would have his gun not in the holster. Unfortunately, this was an accidental discharge when that gun went off accidentally. There was no purpose on firing that firearm,” says APD Officer Simon Drobik.

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