7 Holiday Storage Tips

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Between all of your new presents and putting away the tree and decorations, storage space is at a premium this time of year. Rick Woods, the The Functional Organizer and the author of “Make Room For Clarity,” shared helpful holiday storage tips

7 Holiday Storage Tips

1. Create a Dedicated Zone for Holiday Decorations.
2. Store December Decorations In Clear Green or Red Bins and Label Each One.
3. Keep All Holiday Wrapping Paper, Bags Tape, Scissors, Tags, Ribbon, and Bows in a Long Clear Bin.
4. Store All Gift Boxes in a Separate Bin.
5. Store Each Strand of Tree Lights in Separate Plastic Grocery Bags and Place in a Bin Labeled “Tree Lights”. Repeat for “Exterior Lights”.
6. Purge Unused Decorations (left in storage) “Before” You Put Your Current Decorations Back In Storage.
7. Create a Small Holiday Keepsake Box for Items Which are Not Displayed, but hold Personal Value.

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