Technology is being used to print body parts

New dimension in printing will change everything

(KSL) – Sometimes when engineer Nicco Macintyre talks about 3D printing, it sounds like science fiction.

“This is the technology that will eventually develop into that ‘give me a cup of Earl Grey’ – that machine that you just tell it what you want and it makes whatever,” Macintyre says, referring to the fictional replicator that produces tea out of thin air for Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Piccard.

“We can do the cup now,” he says. “The tea might take a little longer.” They can even print body parts.

Garrett Peterson, of Layton, has a thumb-size, custom-designed 3D-printed piece of plastic that saved his life. The now 2-year-old was born without a pulmonary valve, a condition that put pressure on his airway and often caused it to collapse.

“His airways were really floppy,” says his mother, Natalie Peterson. “They kind of describe it like a wet noodle.”

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