Holyoke tree name finally resolved

The resolution did not require committee discussion

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – The tree debate in Holyoke has now come to an end, and the tree in front of City Hall will be called a “Christmas” tree after all.

An overwhelming majority of the Holyoke City Council voted in favor tonight of adopting a resolution that will call the decorated tree a “Christmas tree,” not “Holiday tree.”

The original ordinance filed by City Councilor Dan Bresnahan died in the committee, but he filed a resolution that does not require committee discussion.

Paul Hogan of Holyoke said, “Well, it’s been called a Christmas tree for the last 400, 600 years. Why start calling it a holiday tree now?”

Councilor Anthony Soto was absent. Rebecca Lisi wasn’t in the room when the vote was taken, and Councilor Jossie Valentin voted against the resolution.

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