Marijuana auction money-donation declined

The school district said it wouldn't be accepting the drug money

(CNN) – When Randy Williams held the state’s first ever pot auction, he set aside some of what’s called “non-intoxicant marijuana” for a special reason. This form of pot doesn’t get you high and is often given to kids with a seizure disorder.

“The little bit that I do have, 11 lbs, I’m donating the entire sales price to the Prosser school district,” said Williams. However, weeks later the district said it wouldn’t be accepting the drug money.

Prosser superintendent Dr. Ray Tolcacher didn’t want to speak on camera then or now, only saying this wouldn’t be in the best interest of students. So Williams asked the Prosser branch of the Boys and Girls club if they wanted it.

The non-profit weighed the offer, but also came back with a “no.” “After careful review, we decided to decline the donation in order to not distract the community from our mission and the opportunities we promote to our youth,” said Brian Ace. So I asked people in Prosser what they think about the donation refusals.

Shelly Best said, “It’s good for the children education-wise. Boys and girls club, by all means, do what you gotta do.”

Walt Castilleja said “I thought it was kind of foolish. They need the money. They need the money in a lot of ways.”

Rick said, “They take money from the lottery, they take money from the wineries, they take money from breweries, distilleries, and some of the marijuana tax that’s going to the state is coming back to them. They should have taken the money.”

Williams told me he gave a thousand dollars to the local VFW post and the rest to local families in need.  He says it’s ultimately the district’s loss.

The boys and girls club says it won’t rule out gifts like this in the future, but need to take a look at their standards.

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