Nutritionists: Certain foods can give your immune system a boost

Fighting the flu with "good" bacteria

(WBBH) – Could a dose of bacteria help you fight the flu? It’s probably not your first thought, but it can help balance a person’s immune system and get you back on track.

Probiotics are good bacteria found in foods like yogurt, refined tofu and fermented tea. By eating foods rich with probiotics, you colonize your intestines with beneficial bacteria that absorb nutrients.

When you’re shopping for yogurt or any product, here are some words to look out for: live and active cultures and probiotics.

Nutritionists advise eating one yogurt a day. And if you’re already sick and need help fast, turn to supplements. “It’s delayed release so it’ll actually be released in the intestines which is where you want them to go,” Jason Weever, a nutritionist, said.

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