Franklin County still hunting for trees

There's still time to buy a tree

SHELBURNE, Mass. (WWLP) – A lot of people in Franklin County are still buying their Christmas trees, but say it just wouldn’t feel right not having a tree for the holidays.

With less than two weeks before Christmas, some Franklin County residents are working to pick out that perfect tree. Orchards across Franklin County told 22News they still have a lot of trees, but that customers should come sooner rather than later to pick out the one they like.

Adam Janvier of Shelburne Falls said, “I’m here with my wife. We’re going to grab a tree and take it home, do a little decorating, get ready for Christmas.”

To some, picking out a tree is about tradition and to others it’s all about family. Anne Marie Heath of Amherst said, “I’m waiting for my kids to come home from college so we can do it together.”

Many orchards allow people to cut down their own trees before throwing it on top of the car.

Growing Christmas trees aren’t the easiest thing to do, either. It takes between eight and 10 years to grow a tree, before it can finally be sold to customers for the holiday season.

Larry Flaccus from Kenburn Orchards in Shelburne said they work year round to get ready for the holiday season. He said, “It’s an on-going process. It’s not just like the tree just pops up and there it is. It’s a year around process. It takes a lot of work and a lot of labor to get the tree to look like it’ll look good you in your living room.”

If you haven’t gotten your Christmas tree yet, there’s still time. Franklin County orchards are selling trees anywhere from 25 to 55 dollars.

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