Firefighters revive cat rescued from burning home

(KTVZ)  As wind-fanned flames ripped through windows of a Prineville, Oregon home Thursday afternoon, firefighters battled the blaze from the top and worked to rescue trapped animals from the bottom.

“I tried to go in and get them, but I know better than to open a burning door,” said neighbor Laurel Russell.  “I figured they’d be dead.”

After breaking in the front door firefighters went in and let the dogs out a back door.

About 15 minutes later, a cat was found inside, this time, too late.  Or so they thought.

After the cat lay on the lawn unmoving for several minutes, Russell noticed something.

“When I looked over there, I saw its chest was barely moving, so I went over, scooped that sucker up and gave it mouth-to-mouth,” Russell said. “And it came out of it and started breathing.”

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