Car crashes into man’s bedroom in Mass.

The 33-year-old driver was allegedly drunk

WORCESTER, Mass (CNN,WVCB) – A Massachusetts man is counting his lucky stars after a car crashed into his bedroom. Terry Brouillette said, “The noise was unbelievable. I never heard a noise like that. And I just jumped out of bed.”

Two weeks away from 72 years old, “I should have died years ago,” and Terry Brouillette almost didn’t make it to that birthday.  “How the hell can you pick up that much speed from Vernon Street to here?”

The loud ‘boom’ that followed this Subaru through the wall of Terry’s bedroom, “The driver’s tires were right here. I could have done an oil change, if I wanted to while I was there.”

Authorities say the driver of that sedan was 33-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez. They allege she was drunk; twice the legal limit didn’t have a license and initially gave a false name to investigators.

Rodriguez’s family shielded her Thursday as she was released on $1,500 cash bail from Worcester district court. “All she said later on when they were getting ready to pull the car out was, ‘I’m sorry,” said Brouillette.

However, Terry says he’s not angry. His landlord’s going to cover the damage, and while all of this was happening, he found out he won the lottery pool at work. “He says, ‘hey, you won the pool.’ I said, ‘who the hell cares? I got a car in the wall in my bedroom,” Brouillette said.

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