3D gaming tech is helping stroke victims walk again

The tech creates a skeleton model of themselves

(WTLV) – Physical therapists are using 3-D gaming technology to help stroke victims walk again.

Chris McTarnathan suffered a stroke on March 1, 2013. “I had slurred speak. I had progressive weakness. I wasn’t able to use my arm or my leg,” McTarnathan recalls.

He thought he was tired or that he had bad headache as many of us do. After his stroke Chris slurs his words, he forgot how to swallow, he can’t cook and the stroke ultimately cost him his job.

“I am not able to drive. I am not able to function very well. But, I am able to walk,” said McTarnathan. He’s recovering at Brooks Rehab Center’s Motion Analysis Clinic, or MAC, in Jacksonville, Florida.

The MAC’s 1,728 square foot laboratory is equipped with a Vicon motion analysis system consisting of 12 infrared cameras and two video cameras positioned strategically around the room. Retro-reflective markers are placed on Chris to track the motion of his limbs during movement. It’s the same technology used to create 3D video games.

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