Student gives teacher pot brownies

Ambulance was called for the teacher and the student was arrested

ARNOLD, MD. (CNN) – A high school student admitted to giving his teacher a brownie laced with marijuana.

AACO police react to a story that could have been ripped out of a sit-com script but the truth is it’s no laughing matter.

Monday, police say a teacher at Broadneck high school became ill after a 17 year old student gave her a piece of a brownie laced with marijuana.

It was around lunchtime, during a resource period when the student and his girlfriend were assisting the teacher with some work. The student broke out the brownie gave some to his girlfriend the teacher saw and asked for some too.

“The student relayed to us that he panicked and was scared to tell her it had marijuana in the brownie and she consumed that brownie,” said Officer TJ.

After falling ill some time later an ambulance was called for the teacher and the student was arrested, charged and released. An email was sent to parents that afternoon explaining what happened and that it was believed to be an isolated incident.

“The thought first of all that a student would bring a brownie laced with marijuana to school is difficult to absorb, the fact that the student would provide to a teacher is even more difficult,” said Bob.

Police also confirm that there was no ill-intent by the student but when it comes to the law, in this case, that really doesn’t matter.

“You shouldn’t even be bringing it to school so regardless of whether you wanted the teacher to have it or not you shouldn’t have had it in school to begin with, shouldn’t be consuming it to begin with,” said Officer TJ.

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