Police Lieutenant’s actions discussed in closed door meeting

The alleged incident happened back in 2007

Chicopee Police Cruiser damaged.

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The hearing involving Chicopee Police Lt. John Pronovost lasted about two hours at Holyoke District Court, but it ended, for now, without any decision.

The hearing has been continued to January 2nd, and because it was a closed door meeting, the attorneys left without talking about what was discussed. However, here’s what 22News knows.

Police Chief William Jebb told 22News the lawyers are discussing an alleged incident that dates back to 2007. It involves Lt. Pronovost, who may have shown his service weapon during an argument with another Chicopee police officer.

Then in 2013, an internal investigation report revealed details of that alleged incident. Chief Jebb said he believes that report was used against him, when Former-Mayor Mike Bissonnette bypassed Jebb and instead, promoted Retired-Chief Thomas Charette.

Lt. Pronovost hired an attorney to see if he can file a criminal complaint against Chicopee Police Capt. Mark Gilbert. So the hearing on Wednesday involved the court magistrate listening to see if there’s enough evidence or probable cause for Pronovost to file a complaint against Gilbert.

Chief Jebb and at least 4 other police officers were called to speak at the hearing about that 2007 alleged incident. Only a couple people got a chance to speak on Wednesday. The rest of the hearing will take place in January.

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