New hospital gowns created, “The Cover-Up”

Many feel the traditional gowns don't provide enough privacy

(WDIV) – Michael Forbes of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute has been working in Detroit, Michigan for over three years to improve one important, yet commonly overlooked aspect of the hospital experience, hospital gowns.

Many hospital patrons feel that the traditional gowns don’t provide the wearer with nearly enough privacy, especially when it comes to their rear ends.

“These gowns are fine if you’re lying in your bed but they want you to get up and walk and walk down the hall, well, that’s the last thing you want to do wearing one of these gowns,” said recent transplant patient Dale Milford.

Forbes has also partnered with a well-known Michigan business, Carhartt to help create the material for the gowns. This way the new design can incorporate comfort and durability while using materials that don’t interfere with hospital X-rays.

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