Music therapy helping disabled children

Music can help children with disabilities shine

(CNN) – When you sing to your little one or play music for them do you see how much they really enjoy it?

For many years some medical professionals have been using music to help with their healing practices.

Five year-old Brookan has down syndrome and struggles with developmental delays.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics exposing children to music helps increase their attention span and enhances their learning abilities.

Jennifer Puckett, Thera-beat owner & music therapist said,” When an infant starts dancing and they start moving to music.  They’re able to take in the music receptively, process it out, and then their body is able to show it through expressive dancing.”

Jennifer Puckett owns a music therapy program called Thera-beat and spends an hour a week with Brookan working on managing transitions between activities.

“For example, if we’re going to move and sit down on the floor and, that gives her more time to process that directive and the rhythm provides the structure,” Puckett continued.

Jennifer has some recommendations for parents who have a child with developmental challenges, “I think early intervention is huge getting them the most you possibly can, making sure that your therapist is someone that you can talk to and really talk about our your home struggles. I also think it’s great to find something motivating for your child. The great thing about music therapy is that you don’t have to have musical ability to be successful.”

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