Medical marijuana available in Greenfield

The office has certified nine people for medical marijuana use

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – From the outside looking in, you’d never know what this office was, with no advertisement or signage.

DocsConsult Medical quietly opened to certify patients for medical marijuana use. They’ve been here for less than two months and most people hear about it through word of month.

DocsConsult Medical has set up shop at 106 Federal Street. One representative who works there told 22News they’ve already seen a good turnout of people coming here who are seeking marijuana for medical use.

So far, the office has certified nine people for medical marijuana use. Under Massachusetts state law, in order to become certified, the patient must have a debilitating illness like cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Mickey Denoncourt works at Bicycle World which is right next to the office and he said he has no problem with it. “You know, I see a lot of people walking by in the street that look like they’re suffering and they might be able to get some help.”

However, there are some people who have questions about the way patients are prescribed medical marijuana. Eileen Mariani of Montague said, “I have concerns about having an office set up with a doctor there saying ‘yes, you may have a prescription for medical marihuana and then fulfilling it.’”

Medical marihuana was legalized in Massachusetts in 2012 when it was put up for a ballot for voters to decide.

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