Keeping safe on the roads during winter weather

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Many cars now have the technology to help drivers change lanes safely and monitor blind spots.

AAA warns, you still need to be cautious and not rely 100% of those detection systems. AAA found that some blind-spot monitoring systems have shorter detection ranges.

That means a car could have already crossed into your blind spot by the time the alert comes on.  Drivers told 22News it’s always better to double and triple check before switching lanes.

“People are distracted driving all the time and texting and other apps on their phones and things. Yeah, slow down, make sure you’re observant of your surroundings. Keep your eyes on the road,” said a Massachusetts driver.

AAA also found that many systems have a harder time detecting motorcycles. On average motorcycles were detected 26% later than cars.

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