Governor’s Council hears pardon and commutation requests

BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Patrick recommended early release for one jailed inmate and also recommended four other convicted criminals have their records wiped clean. The eight-member Governor’s Council started public hearings this week.

“After the court has made a decision, now I’m making a decision whether this person should be out in the public so it is a responsibility,” said the Honorable Marilyn Devaney.

Anybody can request a pardon or a commutation, but it has to be vetted through the Parole Board before the governor can make a recommendation.

Dorchester-native Mark Wahlberg wants his 1988 assault and battery conviction pardoned. His burger chain, Wahlburgers, is expanding and his criminal record could prevent him from obtaining a liquor license in California. At least one Governor’s Council member supports the star’s request.

“The Wahlberg case is particularly appealing, not because of his celebrity status, but if he is granted a pardon I hope it sends a signal to others that there is hope, there is redemption, that government has compassion,” said Michael Albano of Springfield.

Wahlberg told the Parole Board he is not the same person he was when he was sixteen years old. He hopes that by receiving a pardon, troubled youth will see that they too can turn their lives around.

Wahlberg’s case would likely be decided under the Baker administration. Governor-elect Charlie Baker said the star will not receive special treatment.

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