Alleged police brutality caught on camera

The woman in the video was tasered twice

BALTIMORE (CNN) – Video surfaced Monday, showing what one Baltimore woman is calling police brutality. The woman filmed another man’s arrest back in March, but ended up getting handcuffed herself.

Above is the latest video to once again shine a light on what attorneys calls excessive force by Baltimore police.

The video shot in March is just over two minutes long. The woman, 36-year-old Kianga Mwamba, is recording the arrest of a man on the street. Police tell her she can record but yell her to park. Despite her explanation attorney’s say their client is snatched out of the car.

The woman in the video, the daughter of a capitol police officer is tasered twice.

In a statement to WJZ, police officials say, “During the arrest, language is used that is both offensive and unacceptable. The Baltimore police department expects and demands that officers treat every citizen with respect regardless of the situation.”

The woman is arrested and charged with using her vehicle to strike an officer. Those charges have since been dropped. In this statement of probable cause, the officer says the woman accelerated towards another officer and he yelled for her to stop, but the attorneys say the video and probable cause statement do not match up.

“I have no reason to believe anything he says is correct,” said Josh Insley.

The attorney says their client was left with cuts, bruises, and a severe sprain. However, it is the emotional scars that are the hardest to heal.

The officer in the video is still on the job. Attorneys say police attempted to delete the video, but the woman recovered it.

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