Flood insurance is not covered in standard home owner’s policy

The type of insurance you get and the cost depend on how close your home is to a flood zone

MONSON, Mass. (WWLP) – If there is a flood this winter, you can take steps now to protect your property. You may be surprised to hear that your standard home owner’s insurance does not protect your property from floods.

No matter how much rain you get around your home, homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding.

Richard Green, an insurance agent in Hampden, told 22News, “The loss history with regard to floods is so large that the premium collected by the standard home owner policy doesn’t contemplate the exposure for flood.”

As a result, flood insurance is sold separately. Anyone can buy flood insurance, but the type, and how much you pay, depends on if you’re in a flood zone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency marks “flood zones.” According to FEMA, a flood is defined as the movement of surface water originating from a body of water that is at least 2 acres in size.

The cost of flood insurance is based on your property’s proximity to a flood zone – something that surprised some homeowners who think it should be included.

Janice Pirof of Springfield told 22News, “If you live in a flood zone, I think they should cover it , and if you don’t then I don’t see why they would need to.”

Some purchased flood insurance just to be safe.

“I bought a house here in Monson, which is up on a mountain, so I don’t worry about flooding here, but I do have another house which is down towards the cape and that is in a flood zone, and yes I did purchase flood insurance,” says Steven Lowell of Monson.

If you’re near a flood zone, experts suggest you buy flood insurance. If you have flood damage, but don’t have flood insurance, you can actually contact FEMA, after the fact, to file for an emergency application.

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