Viewers upset man didn’t get eaten alive by snake

anaconda (file photo)

(WTNH)– Social media exploded with disappointment over Discovery Channel’s Eaten Alive special last night.

In the heavily promoted TV special, naturalist Paul Rosolie was supposed to get eaten alive by a humongous anaconda snake but viewers are upset that he didn’t go completely through with it.

Rosolie wore a specially made carbon-fiber suit to protect himself from the snake killing him with constriction or its bite. It was covered in pig’s blood to entice the snake. For most of the TV show, Rosolie searched the rainforest for an anaconda. When he found one, he then spent a while trying to convince the anaconda to eat him.

The snake constricted Rosolie during the special and started to bite his helmet. Rosolie then called off the stunt before it went any further.  His security team got the snake off of him and they released it back into the wild.

Rosolie screamed “I’m calling it, I need help!” once he felt the snake start to break his arm. During the show he said he began to feel his blood drain and his bone flex.

But this wasn’t enough for viewers. Twitter exploded with viewers complaining that the special was a big letdown because Rosolie wasn’t actually eaten alive. He never even made it in the snake’s stomach.


The stunt was met with a lot of criticism even before it aired with many animal rights groups arguing that it’s extreme animal abuse. Thousands of people even signed a petition to stop the show.

However, the Discovery Channel says the snake was unharmed. Rosolie also stood by the show, saying he was doing it to bring awareness to the destruction of rainforests.

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