Thrifty holiday traveling

Thrifty Holiday Traveling
It's not too late to find holiday travel deals.

(NBC News) With Christmas less than three weeks away it’s not too late to book that last minute holiday vacation.

Whether it’s a getaway to relax or a trip to see family and friends, deals are out there.

“If you haven’t booked your airfare, you want to book it as soon as possible because those tickets are only going to go up in terms of price,” advises Senior Editor Jeanenne Tornatore.

Tornatore says while prices on airline tickets are going up, there are ways you can save once you’ve booked your flight.

“You should also look for promotions that help you save on things like your check-baggage feem,” she explains. “Orbitz is offering a Zap-That-Bag deal where if you book your flight on Orbitz you can use their app to take a picture of your checked bag receipt, that $25 receipt, submit it through the app and they’ll then credit you $25 into your Orbitz account.”

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