Picking the right foods for your age

Your body requires different essential nutrients as you age

(CNN) – Healthy eating starts at the grocery store, and some dietitians say your age should dictate what you eat.

According to registered dietician Tamara Melton, a simple way to eat better is to fill your cart with some “must have” foods packed with nutrients your body requires as you grow older.

In your twenties, she suggests eating plenty of calcium-rich foods like yogurt, milk, almonds, calcium-fortified juices and cereals to help build bone, and protein-rich foods like fish, lean meats, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds to help build muscle.

Fiber-rich foods are important in your forties. Stock up on whole grains, lentils, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Over sixty, eat eggs in moderation to help stave off macular degeneration. Foods that support gut health include asparagus, bananas, legumes and yogurt.

“If you’re looking for yogurt, try to choose yogurts that are low or no fat and then, if you can, you can get the plain yogurt or ones that have whole fruit in them. Avoid those that have the fruit in the bottom, and a lot of sugar in it.”

Remember to include plenty of water. Hydration is essential at any age.

“You can also get hydration from fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you can get it from soup, tea if you like that, especially if it’s decaffeinated and coffee, those are other ways of getting it in. You can get it in from fruit juice, but try to keep that to one serving a day.”

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