No more toy guns?

No More Toy Guns?
Activist group calls for ban on all toy and replica gun sales in wake of Tamir Rice shooting.

(WKYC) A Birmingham, Alabama activist group is urging the ban of fake guns sales across the country.

The Outcast Voters League has started a push to end sales of these guns after 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a Cleveland Police officer while holding an airsoft gun on November 22.

“We call on parents to get rid of these toys,” said Frank Matthews, president of the league. “We call on toy manufacturers to quit making toys that look like real guns. We are losing our children to countless acts of injustice.”

His group plans to burn and smash toy guns in every state over the next 13 months. They held their first of many demonstrations Sunday night at Cleveland’s Cudell Recreation Center where Rice was killed.

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