A mentally challenged student arrested at school

The mother snapped photos of the bruises left on his wrist

6-Year-Old Handcuffed At School
A 6-year-old mentally challenged student was arrested in school for misbehavior.

(WXIA) – A Stone Mountain, Georgia mother is outraged after her 6-year-old was handcuffed for misbehaving at Pine Ridge Elementary School. Her child, Patrick, is a first-grader there and is a special needs student.

“My husband got a call that something was going on with Patrick at school, and they needed us to come. We go into the school and a gentleman takes us back. I hear my son yelling and screaming” Lakaisha Reid says.

She snapped photos of the bruises left on his wrist on Friday after he was handcuffed by a student resource officer. His mother hopes sharing her son’s story may lead to more training at Pine Ridge.

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