Keep your holidays “green” with these wrapping tips

Think of alternatives when wrapping up gifts

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Wrapping presents for the holidays doesn’t have to be wasteful: there are some environmentally-friendly ways to prepare your gifts!

The “three R’s” of recycling are critical around the holidays: Reduce, recycle and reuse! At Eco Building Bargains in Springfield, they say that felt, cloth, old newspapers, paper bags, and even sheet music or textbook pages can make excellent gift wrap, and eliminate the extra trash that comes with special wrapping paper.

If you must buy wrapping paper but you still want to be “green,” there are ways to do it, says Sonja Favaloro of the Center for Eco Technology. “There are some wrapping papers that are sourced more sustainably. For example, if they have a seal that they’ve been harvested sustainably from forests, also some are recycled, made from other recycled paper, which is a great option,” Favaloro said.

When the holidays are over, don’t forget to take advantage of the fact that your wrapping paper can be recycled, and don’t throw it out! But keep in mind that wrapping paper that has a gold, silver, or wax texture may not be recyclable unless it says so on the roll.

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