Would-be hitman testifies in alleged murder-for-hire case

John McDaid of Granville testified in trial of Tiffany Stevens

Tiffany Stevens
Tiffany Stevens of Bloomfield is charged with attempted murder in a murder-for-hire plot.

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– A key witness for the prosecution, John McDaid, took the stand in a Simsbury murder-for-hire case.

McDaid says Tiffany Stevens, 39, hired him to help her kill her husband, Eric. McDaid says he got to know the divorced couple when he worked for their friend as a handyman. He says Tiffany would ask for prescription pills from him, and one day he says she asked him to lunch and asked to help kill her husband.

“It took me off guard that was the reason she took me to lunch. I thought she was hitting on me,” said McDaid. “I said [to her] I know plenty of people that would kill for money, for drugs, for whatever reason.”

McDaid is a convicted felon with a criminal history dating back to the 1970’s. He admitted to a bank robbery, larceny, burglaries, and several drug convictions. He says he told Tiffany he would help her for $5,000.

“I almost didn’t think it was real, but she was consistent about it, insistent all them time, every time I saw her. You know, if it wasn’t about killing Eric, it was about getting pills,” said McDaid. “I haven’t made too many good decisions in my life. This happens to be the biggest bad decision I ever made in my life.”

He says her ex-husband Eric, also asked him for a favor. He wanted him to record her doing drugs to prove she’s an unfit mother. He says that’s when he recorded her admitting to the murder-for-hire. The recording has been handed over to police. In it, you hear a woman say, “I promise you, I’ll throw in a bonus. I mean it, get it done.”

In July of 2012, Eric called police and handed over the recording. In court, defense attorney Hubert Santos implied McDaid might be looking for an even bigger payday. Eric and Tiffany are going through a heated custody battle. Police said the custody case winner would control a $50 million dollar fund linked to their child’s care.

“You know when this case is over you’re going to get a payment from Mr. Stevens for your efforts on his behalf, right?” said Santos.

“No,” said McDaid.

He says a payday came in April of 2012.

“She walked up to me and she placed an envelope across my chest and just said get it done, kill him,” said McDaid.

McDaid said he feared for his own safety.

“She stated if I didn’t do what I was paid to do she was going to the do the same thing to me and my kids.”

Testimony will resume again Wednesday afternoon.

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