Stolen car chase ends in hysterical fashion

33-year old Jesus Zamora was charged with auto theft

(CNN) – It started out like your average police chase in California, but ended with a skate board, and a reality star.

A stolen BMW was driving in the wrong lane against traffic, doing 90 miles an hour at one point, weaving and squeezing. And then, “He just crashed”

The rear-ending wasn’t the surprise ending to this story. Lugging a getaway skateboard was. The alleged car thief ran across three lanes of traffic clutching the longboard. Then came the move worthy of a movie, if only it had worked. For five seconds, the suspect tried to skateboard away from officers in hot pursuit on foot.

Experienced skateboarders we talked to gave the suspect low marks. His technique was described as “not very good”. The chase: “hysterical.”

Back on foot, he ran into trouble when a red pickup tried to block his path. He went around it. And then as police were closing in, the same red pickup cut him off and practically pinned him.

That is the former star of a now-cancelled reality show. Luis “Lou” Pizarro used to run around dramatizing car repossessions, so it seemed natural to help real cops get their man. Pizarro said, “It’s just instinct, just to block the guy off.”

33-year old Jesus Zamora was charged with auto theft. Police recovered the skateboard, presumably for evidence, though an officer did play footsie with it.

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